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I need the name of a movie that aired on SyFy it was a bit of a scary movie where I think the plot?

Was of a woman who was being stalked by a serial killer and he had I believe a white bronco and there were numerous times he almost got her and in ...

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Why can't I breath deeply and coughing up mucus for three months?

When I breathe, I feel as if I can't take a big breath - or even yawn correctly! It's scary, I've also been coughing up mucus for ...

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Watery Stools No Solid?

This is so new to me, and its kind of scary, but for the past two days, I have been having Watery stools, i mean like pure water or brown water, no ...

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Who knows a REAL horror film?

I'm looking for a horror movie..but it needs to be a movie that really makes me feel real HORROR, not just some scary moments or pure ...

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What is high school like for those of you who went to high school?

What's it like? Big, small, scary, exciting, fun, loud? Please explain because I'm going into ...

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What is the most scary animal?

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What is an actually scary movie????

I have been recently into scary movies now and I think they are awesome, but I'm always a little disappointed because they are ...

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I need to write a short horror story does anyone have any ideas?

It has to be 350 words horror and must be very creepy and scary and NOT posted form Internet

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