As a child I would see this woman in my dreams, I didn't think much of it since I thought it was because I saw a scary movie or it was just a nightmare. I have started seeing her again though, in my 6th grade year I would see her in my dreams, she wouldn't say anything just be there sit or stand. At this time I was experiencing extreme depressive moods and such and I would usually not be able to sleep as much as I would constantly only get 1 hour or 5 minutes of sleep at times and once coming back from school I would sleep up to 3 hours, I'm saying this because I don't know if it has a role in this. Anyway, I moved out of that house and for a while she was gone, no dreams about her no nothing, I didn't think anything strange about it. When about to start the 7th grade I saw her again at night, I went to the kitchen for a snack and saw her sitting there, she was there for about a second until I blinked and froze. That's when I started seeing her outside of my dreams, she appears out of no where, and sometimes when I lucid dream she's there, many times I've tried to ask her why she's here but she doesn't say anything, I can't even see her eyes since her bangs cover her eyes. On the rare occasions she does speak she tells me things such as "You remind me of myself." or just a simple "Why?" on rare occasions she insults me. When I tried talking about her to my close friend it felt wrong somehow, after I told my friend I started getting horrible nightmares with her in the background. I don't what this means or if I some sort of mental illness or just something? I'm terrified of her, I don't know if she's a ghost, or hallucination, someone just give me a logical answer to this.