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Describe the arrangement of metacarpal bones you would expect to find in this species?

the scientific name of a species is equus burchelli. based on what its name tells you about its taxonomic classification, describe the arrangement of ...

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Is it safe to build a Jacob's ladder on top of a bicycle helmet?

I have a project in school that asks us to build a time travel machine. Our group decided to make a helmet and, trying to be scientific looking and ...

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Why do you use social Media?

Hi, i'm a psychology student from germany and i'm doing a scientific study on social media. In a first step i want to create a ...

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What is the scientific definition of death? Why do we become old?

I want to know about the scientific cause of death and becoming old?

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If I put a scientific theory of mine on youtube for opinions and criticism, can it be stolen?

I have a theory about something. I really want to hear what people think ...

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If you found scientific evidence that god does not exist, would you destroy it or share it?

Curious about people's opinion on this question.

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