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How can I get my adopted dogs vet records?

Hello I was hoping to seek some advice from the many dog owners. I adopted a puppy from a rescue a week ago. The foster Mom was a state away but I ...

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Ozyamandias is a poem on the conceit of those in power does the current political and bureaueratic?

... leader also seek of such attempts? How can one avoid such behavior?

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What is wrong with me??

I have been experiencing problems regarding my relationship with my mum I seek attention from her by doing various things such as saying ...

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Hi,friend,I want to make a English name for myself,kindly advise me?

Hi, I want to seek help .I want a new name for myself. Only the given name .This name can ...

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Should workers be paid more based on years in position?

In your opinion do you think workers who constantly seek to develop themselves should make more money or should ...

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Husband took In-Laws side in an argument?

I got in to an argument with my in-laws and my husband took their side. It is smart to seek advice from a guy outside the ...

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