Hello I was hoping to seek some advice from the many dog owners. I adopted a puppy from a rescue a week ago. The foster Mom was a state away but I drove to go and meet the puppy. The puppy ended up getting along so well with my current dog that I adopted him right there. Filled out all the paperwork and transferred the adoption fee to the rescue. Well during all the excitement I forgot to ask the foster for the vet records. For the past week I have been asking the rescue and the foster for these paper to be faxed, or mailed to me due to needing to stick to his regimen of shots (he has had 2 sets and needs his third. Also has stitches still in from being fixed) The rescue has stopped responding to me and the foster isn't any help either. I located the vet in which the foster went to but I know they do not release vaccination information. My vet will not see this puppy without SOME form of records to know what he should be doing I am at a loss of what to do and would love some advice/ help.