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I got this trainer ID and is it good for shiny hunting?

I just started up Pokémon Platinum and was hoping for a shiny ID. But I’m not super great with all the calculations it takes to find out ...

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What plant has a 18-24" heart shape, soft dark green leaf,underside lighter green, with shiny?

stalks. Already growing 12' high out of a wall located near my bird feeders? Looks like a jack in the bean stalk story developing! beautifully ...

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My TV's screen looks like you watch from the side. The black is glossy and shiny. Anybody knows??

Have a big samsung TV but the black colour is weird. Its like when you watch it from the side and not in front of it. The black colour is glossy and ...

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What is a good example of a good Pokemon trainer ID to hunt for shinies?

I heard your Pokemon Trainer ID boosts your luck of getting a shiny. I am soft reseting for a ...

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Why do women have natural shiny shoulders?

I seen have women have natural shiny shoulders. I saw one or two women who shoulders shines like glass or like shiny legs ...

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Which shampoo will help my hair to be more shiny and beautiful?

I have curly/black/long hair. Thank you for your attention.

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Am I happy with what I have at school

I have two crushes one is "my knight in shiny armor" who stands up for me and is funny cute and nice and the other is ...

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Does a Shiny Starter Pokemon on Emerald effect the chance of encountering other Shinies?

Earlier today I entered by 359th Safe Reset, and encountered a Shiny Torchic. I ...

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