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What are some filming techniques used in Fantastic Beasts and where to find them and approx. time?

I am looking for time and space shots, framing, lighting, movement, editing, visual effects and music/ sound filming techniques used throughout the ...

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I think I gave myself the Ovidrel trigger shot in the wrong location and I am freaking out!

All sites say to inject below your belly button an inch or two away. I injected about two inches to the right and above my belly button. Did I screw ...

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We just got a new controller for our Xbox one and put the batteries in the controller. What else do?

I need to do in order to be able to start using the controller---old one still works but is about shot so wanting to start using new controller?

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Im in fifth grade and I like girl and everybody in my class says that we'd make a couple?

Should i tell her let 's give it a shot or should i be quiet. I AM SHY

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How to screenshot on samsung galaxy note 10.1 after kitkat update without using s pen?

I really hate after updateing to kitkat the screenshot button gone and i must use ...

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Where is the climax of the Two States movie shot at... The temple where they get married?

It's from the Karan Johar movie.. In the climax.. They get married at ...

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What would you do?

I'm a writer and I was wondering if you were a kidnapper and you were only going to kidnap one person, then a second person was there and you shot ...

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About the one shot deal in NYC?

I applied for the one shot deal from Welfare to get help paying for my additional rent costs before moving in . I CAN APPLY AGAIN, ...

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