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Where can I get help to pay off an eviction bill?

I need help paying off my eviction bill I was gonna pay it off with my taxes but I need a home ASAP I do have an agreement showing that I’m ...

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Past trauma nightmares?

I keep having nightmares of my past trauma from when I was 4-5 but these nightmares are showing up as everyone involved including me as our present ...

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How do I show and accept affection?

In my past relationship I struggled showing I loved my boyfriend. I truly did and he did too. He showed it all the time and in my eyes then I thought ...

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What does IST recieved means in parcel home delivery terms?

i have ordered something online and in its status its showing IST recieved. so what does that mean? please ...

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Does anyone know how to change your default location on Gumtree?

I have a postcode showing, which isn't now applicable and for the life of me, I can't find how ...

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I am 20 year old girl and my stepdad is 40 but he keeps showing me his penis. Is this normal?

And some times he will jerk off in front of me. Should this turn me on to ...

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Facebook news feed keeps showing ''There are no more posts to show right now.''?

Tried refreshing, signing in and out. Have tried everything, but still empty news feed. ...

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How is he feeling about me?! Middle school help plzz?

Well her it goes. This guy i like..was showing signs he likes me. He was staring at me, trying to talk to me, and ...

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