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Can You Use 1 Xfinity Account In 2 Homes?

OK so as I understand it, an Xfinity modem sends out 2 signals, one called xfinitywifi that anyone can connect to and 1 called something else that ...

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Peeled sticker off phone, bad signal now?

I have an LG Optimus D415 phone. I accidentally peeled off a large copper and black sticker from the inside (there isn't any backing on my ...

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Is a girl nervous and likes me or trying to avoid me?

is a girl nervous or trying to avoid me?This girl who I havent talked to in a while gives me mixed signals but ...

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Why she is not replying to my messages??

i think she have a crush on me.she sends me mixed signal sometimes when she sees me.and we just end up in a formal talk ...

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Please Answer , Mixed Crush Signals Help?

Hello . There is this guy at my local grocery store . Let's call him  John Doe . John Doe is a sharp good-looking man ...

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What does this boy mean ? How does he really feel about me? Does he hate me or like me?

what does it mean if a guy gives you mixed signals because I told my friend to ask ...

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