Hello . There is this guy at my local grocery store . Let's call him  John Doe . John Doe is a sharp good-looking man . A tall , dark , and handsome South American attractive male .

Not a lot of guys are worth my time but he must be very special because I've never done this much for anyone's attention .

In the beginning , when I was a new customer to the store he stared and smiled at me so warm and sweet.  At the time I was blind to his behavior ; payed no attention . These flirtatious signals lasted for about four months . I acknowledged them but was to shy to react .

For example : 
• I was in the parking lot walking up to the doors he smiled and stared me down from the lot to the doors . Assuming he was on break
• I was in the aisle I felt someone behind me I looked forward and it was John Doe. He turned around while pushing the stock cart staring and smiling at me for 10 seconds . I became light headed and went into a trance unable to speak my heart raced I was sure he was able to see and hear it
•Basically staring and smiling ; watching me from stock rooms

Months later it changed :
Ex : • Avoiding eye contact
• We both unexpectedly locked eyes , he stared with a blank face and looked away after one second
•Can't look me in the eye ; not looking up

I think he is the one for me , here is where he ought to be . He's not mine I can't deny it . I wish he was my lover . Fever--

Extra : My Dad and I often go inside together , we have a strong relationship . He's 6'5 Ex-Navy Seal . Once John Doe Was Admiring Me And My Dad Said To John Doe : " What In Hell Are You Staring At ?"

Btw : Were Strangers , Never Spoke . Both 17 Only Eye Contact And Smiles

Question(s) :
• Is This My Fault ?
• How Do I Fix This , So He Can Be My Lover ?
• Why Did He Stop ?