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I have problems with my sister and her friend. How do I solve this?

Earlier today, my sister and all of her friends tried out for a musical audition and each for different parts. All of my sisters friends got ...

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My little sister who is 12 and in 13 she had gotten her period before me. Does this mean anything?

I cried because I felt so humiliated that she got it before me my mom got hers at 12 and my sister got her when she was 11! I'm 13 and still ...

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Family of Cancer patient looking for help, WHERE can we go?

Son was diagnosed 4.5 years ago and we are still struggling. He has 4 sisters. We lost everything when he was diagnosed. Gave up wedding and got ...

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Shall I make my wifes elder sister pregnant ?

My sister in Law (my wifes elder sister), lost her husband earlier by an accident, after few months her 3 year kid very ...

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Is it ok for two teenage girls to sleep together?

my little sister lives with me and somehow she got me to take in her friend who's parents left her alone. They had ...

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Suggestions on baby twin girl names?

I need a whole big list of two names for twins. My sister is expecting twins in 1-4 weeks! Please help soon!

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Some days I watch my sister get changed and I don't see her boobs how can I ask her to show me them?

I only see her bra how can I get her to take it off?

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My sister is dating a guy who just came out of prison, he beats her and takes her money. She has a 5

... year old son. The Boyfriend hasn't abused my nephew yet ...

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