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Is it an eating disorder or just part of my mental illness?

If I go through phases where I starve/restrict myself because I want attention or I want to be skinny for the negative attention? I used to harm ...

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My goldfish is about an inch and a half long and very skinny. I'm keeping him in a one-gallon tank?

... for now. I will buy a larger one if he starts to grow. I have these really large containers that I cant use as tanks, but I was wondering if it ...

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I’m really pale and am super self conscious about it. I want a natural way to be more tan?

Hi, I’m a young female desperate for help. I’m very shy and self conscious and it’s all about how I look. I’m very skinny, ...

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Why am I so skinny? I hate my body so much , I'm 13?

I'm so skinny I hate it i weigh 106 5'5 im flat and I hate it to very Girl in my class has curves most of ...

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How can I be more attractive?

i have layerd tick long black hair i wear skinny jeans every day i only wear shirts please dont make me wear a dress or say anything about ...

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Am I the right weight and height for my age?

I am 11 years old. I weigh 83 pounds. To me 83 sounds like a lot! When I look at or feel my stomach I think I am too skinny! ...

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Wat do u do if u hav a party in 6 days nd all girlswill wear bikinis but u cuz u weigh 160 lbs HELP?

I dont want to b the fattest one there im 12 nd all the girls will ...

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I'm skinny and I want to build my muscles fast. How?

I’m 17 and I am REALLY skinny due to a high metabolism. I am also REALLY weak and that makes it hard to do the ...

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