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I haven't been able to sleep?

I am 13. I haven't been able to sleep for about a week. When I feel tired I go to bed and close my eyes but I can't fall asleep. I go to ...

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How do I get my dog used to my pet rat?

I got a new pet rat the other day and my dog is really interested in her. He normally sleeps with me but with the rat in my room he gets really ...

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Anyone want to hear my story?

This happened last year, and I think this was sleep paralysis, but I'm not sure. If you know if it was, please tell me! (: Okay, so I woke up ...

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Why have I been tired lately?

Okay.... I've been tired for awhile now. I've been getting eight or more hours of sleep a day. At school, I don't want to do ...

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I havent slept in a week, and I think Im going insane what am I supposed to do??

ive tried EVERYTHING i could come up with and i just cant sleep. I went to my doctor and ...

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Is it ok for two teenage girls to sleep together?

my little sister lives with me and somehow she got me to take in her friend who's parents left her alone. They had ...

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How do I protect myself from my period when I sleep?

I just got my first period today. I am nervous to tell my mom. Now it is bedtime and I don't know how to ...

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Are push-ups a bad punishment idea for a 14year old boy?

I have custody over my little brother. He is lazy. I hear thats how most boys his age are. Video games,eat and ...

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