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Can a regular dentist put you to sleep?

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Even if I got so much sleep Im still tired, why does that happen?

i go to bed at 9 and wake up at 8 for school, and im still tired. even if i take a nap after school ill still be yawning, whats wrong with me?

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Why am I always so tired I get my recommended amount of sleep every night and dont have any illness?

I get the recommended amount of sleep every night and I dont have any illnesses that would make me tired. Its been like this for a while and im ...

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Why have I been tired lately?

Okay.... I've been tired for awhile now. I've been getting eight or more hours of sleep a day. At school, I don't want to do ...

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I havent slept in a week, and I think Im going insane what am I supposed to do??

ive tried EVERYTHING i could come up with and i just cant sleep. I went to my doctor and ...

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Is it ok for two teenage girls to sleep together?

my little sister lives with me and somehow she got me to take in her friend who's parents left her alone. They had ...

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How do I protect myself from my period when I sleep?

I just got my first period today. I am nervous to tell my mom. Now it is bedtime and I don't know how to ...

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Why Do I Lose Weight When I Sleep Less and Am Exhausted?

I know the legendary 'fact' of the weight loss world is that the more you sleep, the less you eat, ...

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