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Should I worry about who text her?

Like tonight she said goodnight and her messenger still active eventhough i sent something maybe she'll see it but nope and her snap score went ...

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There was a snap back cap that I had that I told I was wondering if this reminds any of you of it?

So I had this dark blue snap back and from the top view it was all one dark blue colour but the bottom of the lip of the cap there was this monster ...

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I can snap this person on Snapchat and it says delivered but I can’t add them as a friend, why?

So I had been blocked before by this person and he unblocked me so I tried adding him but when I click add it just has the loading circle and then ...

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Will a failed snapchat still send automatically after wifi is switched on?

I sent a snap to the wrong person but I immediately switched off the wifi before it could send. ...

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What does s&r mean on snapchat and how should I respond to the snaps that says s&r?

My friends send me a snap that says s&r, and I don't even know what that means

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Can I see when someone screenshots my "profile pic" on Snapchat or is this just for "normal snaps"?

With profile pic I mean the picture series that shows up next to a ...

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What is a patschen?

I am a music teacher, and I have several resources that talk about having kids clap, pat, snap, and patschen in a song. I have tried to look up what a ...

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