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So I woke up 2days ago and suddently started to feel unweel,headache when moving head to sides,soar

... trouth and the worst thing really painfull and burning urination ?! ive been reading all night about it but there is so many causes and didnt ...

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Common Cold (Soar Throat, Stuffy Nose, Common Cold) and then wight loss. Should I be concerned?

Just something I just witnessed, and was wondering what this was. I did notice a chance of HIV, but I didn't have things like night sweats, or ...

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Day 3 after rootcinal 1tooth is just soar the 2nd is throbbing & I wakeup in horrible pain Idk why?

I think the pain is coming from my teeth touching in my sleep, it's sharp and lingering pain and my face seems a little swollen.

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