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Why should individuals have their own websites over multiple social media profiles?

Individuals in our country tend to have social media profiles rather than having a website. They decorate their profiles with professional images and ...

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Someone in Thailand is defaming me on social media. How do I deal with this? It's effecting locally?

This person is defaming me through social media because I gave him a strike for stealing my content on ytube. I had tried to resolve it with him but ...

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Social Media Dilemma?

I've come across a 'cover band' facebook page which has a person I know in it (we know each other in a semi-professional environment). ...

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Accidentally shared a post on Facebook, will they be notified?

I accidentally shared someone's post on Facebook from a long time ago, then I immediately deleted it ...

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Why do you use social Media?

Hi, i'm a psychology student from germany and i'm doing a scientific study on social media. In a first step i want to create a ...

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Can I see when someone screenshots my "profile pic" on Snapchat or is this just for "normal snaps"?

With profile pic I mean the picture series that shows up next to a ...

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Do you think social media affect your self-perception?

Do you think you're truly yourself on social media? Does seeing things in social media can affect you or ...

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