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If my dad is Mexican and my mom is Italian what am I?

My mom says I might be Spanish but we don't know for sure and I am confused on what I am. Plus I have my dad's traits the most. Don't ...

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Do I have you to go summer school idc I failed Semester 1 for Spanish II?

For Quarter 1 I passed Spanish II with an 70. But Quarter 2 I failed with a 60 , so my semester 1 grade for Spanish II was a 52. But for Quarter 3 I ...

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What is a good Spanish name for a clothing store?

I have a Spanish project I'm doing and I have to have a store name in Spanish that sells pants, shoes, t-shirts, ...

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What is The Best Online Translator Thank Google I can find ?

iam using Google translator but seem to have some errors i need Translation site that offer translation ...

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I have to write an ad for a sold house for school . someone Please help?

You are trying to sell your home. Using 6-8 complete Spanish sentences, write an ad describing ...

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Who can tell me the background and main meaning of Latin Spanish song "palo bonito"?

The lyrics of the sonngs is as follow: CORO Palo, palo, palo, palo bonito, palo eh, ...

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