I'm Puerto-Rican/American. I was born and continue to be raised in the U.S.A. I speak?
very well Spanish, with a Puerto-Rican Accent.

I have developed a common interest in traveling to the Iberian Nation of Spain, for the first time ever.

This Nation is the land of my Ancestors.

However, I have heard Spain is recognized as one of the most racist, and xenophobic Nations of south western Europe.

It is to my knowledge, Latin American Natives have migrated to Spain over the past Decades.

I would like both Spaniards and Puerto-Rican people to please share the following...

1. Background knowledge.

2. Background experiences.

3. Honesty.

Be advised, I allow both Spaniards and Puerto-Rican People to comment in both Spanish and English.

Please be as honest as you all can.

Your personal input will make me determine, weather Spain is worth the travel.

I want to know the following...

1. Would Spaniards like me?.

2. Are their Puerto-Rican people in Spain?.

Thank you