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Describe the arrangement of metacarpal bones you would expect to find in this species?

the scientific name of a species is equus burchelli. based on what its name tells you about its taxonomic classification, describe the arrangement of ...

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How has your species been impacted by human activity?

its about the ecosystem and you have to pick a keystone specie and i picked ivory coral and it asked me that question but its not the same as what ...

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What is the meaning of euedaphic?

'...species react to wet, mild winters with increased activity, and can relocate to the soil surface, including euedaphic species ...

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Evolution question?( Long but please read!)?

This question is about evolution. So here is the situation, what if with the money and time, we took a species( can be from ...

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Where do monkeys live?

Any specie of monkeys are OK. I'm a monkey fan.

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