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What is your spirit animal? Do you agree with it?

What is your spirit animal and do you agree with it? If not, what other animal would you want? My spirit animal is a lion.

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Hi do spirits talk about heaven?

do they say what it is like do we see loved ones do we meet god and jesus. there is talk of reincarnation i dont believe in this do they ...

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Haunted by a ouiji board help!!?

My friends and I used a Ouiji board for the first time last night. First we asked if there were any spirits here, it said YES. We asked ...

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What religion am I?

Hi there, I have some questions and am hoping someone can answer them for me. I love yoga, am an empath, believe in spirits, reincarnation, feel at ...

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What does it mean, in spirit and in truth?

in the Bible, we are told to pray in the spirit and in truth

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