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Friend is bringing her 11yo on conference weekend. The day I’m doing quiet work and friend is out...

...all day. I agreed to attend a conference and split room and travel costs with a friend. Last minute she announces her 11 year old daughter will be ...

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Hard drive - any idea why, when I turn on my external drive "A", anything that doesn"t match drive?

Match "C" is erased from "A"? I have watched it happen on a split screen!

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Shrubs leaning after tree fell?

Recently in New Jersey we had two big snow storms back to back during the first storm my tree split in half and landed on the 10 foot bushes. Does ...

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How do you get rid of pain after doing the splits?

I've been doing the splits and I've gotten even lower that I almost can do the splits. But now I have sharp ...

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How shall I get her back?

There's a girl in my class. She is hot, sexy, and has a lot of humor. We were a couple, but we split up later. I love her, but I'm not ...

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If you had 1 million dollars would you donate it? 1) Yes 2) It depends 3) No 4) I'd split it?

I would like to have at least 50 answers by Sunday January 10. I need this ...

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Wife says she loves me and misses me but that she is not in love with me?

My wife of just over one year left me 9 weeks ago and I am a compleat mess because of it. We ...

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How to cut Audio and make new files by Hero Audio Player? www.unibangladesh.blogspot.vom?

I need to split my audio by Hero Audio Player in many files

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