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Can I split a generic 10 mg oxycodone pill with no score line and be okay?

I was prescribed some oxycodone pain meds for my surgery and was wondering if it’s okay if I can split the pill because 10 mg is too strong. I ...

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Consider the following data set.. Considering 'profitable' as the binary valued attribute we are?

... trying to predict, which of the attributes would you select as the root in a decision tree with multi-way splits using the cross-entropy ...

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How do you get rid of pain after doing the splits?

I've been doing the splits and I've gotten even lower that I almost can do the splits. But now I have sharp ...

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How shall I get her back?

There's a girl in my class. She is hot, sexy, and has a lot of humor. We were a couple, but we split up later. I love her, but I'm not ...

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If you had 1 million dollars would you donate it? 1) Yes 2) It depends 3) No 4) I'd split it?

I would like to have at least 50 answers by Sunday January 10. I need this ...

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Wife says she loves me and misses me but that she is not in love with me?

My wife of just over one year left me 9 weeks ago and I am a compleat mess because of it. We ...

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How to cut Audio and make new files by Hero Audio Player? www.unibangladesh.blogspot.vom?

I need to split my audio by Hero Audio Player in many files

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