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1 shows an output stage of a lμm CMOS op-amp, where VDD=2.5V, MnCox = 100μA/V², VAI 100V (M1, M2?

... M3, M4), common mode gain = 0.001 and differential gain = 1000. The gate width of Ms is 250μm. The sizes of M₁ and M2 are the same. Besides, t ...

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Who was the female back-up singer for "The Babys" on "Isn't it Time" and "Everytime I Think of You?"

This outstanding woman has a lot of stage presence, and deserves all ...

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In the early stages of development, the embryos of dogs, pigs, & humans resemble one another. Why?

That actual question is, In the early stages of development, the ...

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How to deal with puberty when living with a single dad?

I am 11 years old and I only live with my dad and my older brother who is 19. I am a girl. My mom is dead so I ...

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My crush kissed me in class what do I do?

in my gym class my crushwas flirting with me and we had a sub and were hiding with friends behind stage curtains and wresteling ...

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am i at the early stages of depression, anorexia or am i just loosing it!? i feel like... i dont know. i think about going anorexic all the time! its so ...

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