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How do you stretch out a Sport-Tek® Ladies PosiCharge® Replica Jersey? Without Ruining it?

I got one for cheer and it doesn't fit me well but it's personalized and super expensive, I have my first game soon too, please help? It ...

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What would you call a rule, that is made to accomodate an older or handicapped person?

Like, for example, Jim Abbott was allowed to spin the ball in his hand when he was pitching from the stretch! Tom Dempsey being allowed to wear a ...

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Ultrasound for leg shows something weird so I have to get an MRI. What could it be?

I've been having horrible cramps in my leg. Ive been waking up from them and not even being able to walk. Could not stretch it out but could not ...

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If your heart is NOT strong enough or efficient enough, it is difficult to?

A) stretch B) lift weights C) breathe D) perspire

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Would my boyfriend mind that I have stretch marks and dark inner thighs?

im really worried about it. im 22 and still a virgin. we're together for almost a year. we ...

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Which Exercise help to Stretch Tight Hips and Ankles?

I work most of the time, so have less privilege to visit gym. Suggest me some exercise that can practiced anywhere ...

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When I stretch I get a moment of diziness, tunnel vision, vision dims what is it, is it a headrush?

well i get dizzy, my sight dims and i get tunnel vision, for the ...

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Under my foreskin, the head of my penis hurts when I touch it, is this bad?

I cannot stretch my foreskin over my penis, I'm uncircumcised and I want to know if it is ...

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