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I have a lobby front desk. When the door opens, all of my work flys around. Any suggestions?

My desk is flat, no lip or shelving. Is there something I can attach to it to help block the wind gust when the door opens?

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Help! My kid put a bottle of scented body oil on top of my lap top and it spilled. Any suggestions?

The oil is thin and only about 1/4 cup max was spilled. It was on top and it was closed but I did see oil under the bottom. I absorbed as much as ...

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Suggestions on baby twin girl names?

I need a whole big list of two names for twins. My sister is expecting twins in 1-4 weeks! Please help soon!

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I'm in fifth grade and I wanna ask someone out?

Ok so I wanna ask a guy out and I'm CHICKEN. I don't no how to but I don't wanna sound stupid and ...

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What are some good genderfluid names?

I'm gender fluid and my name gives me dysphoria. My name is Charlotte but I don't like the name Charlie at all. Has anyone ...

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Which color to choose for a laptop?

Hey guys I am confused for buying a laptop what color to choose ? Help me by giving your suggestions.

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Girl baby name suggestions?

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