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TW what happens when you go to the hospital for a suicide attempt?

How long do they keep you there? Will they do a psychological evaluation? Will you be sent to a mental hospital?

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im 13 year old girl and i have no idea what to do. first off, my "best friend" has started verbally abusing me. she called me a ...

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My logic dictates I should kill myself what should I do?

I wouldn't say life is bad, i know there's some kid in guam or something dying of malaria or something ...

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Why do people think its cool to make self harm jokes?

my friend Amanda cuts and she has thought about suiside, she says she wants to go to a suicide asslylum. her bf is ...

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Hello! I have a school projekt and would ask you all if you know why people commit suicide?

My name is Nicolaj and i'm from Denmark. I have a school projekt and wnat ...

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