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My sweat makes my boyfriend itch... why?

Any time I am sweating and my skin touches my boyfriends skin it makes him really really itchy. Why is this happening?

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If warm weather, would you rather wear T-shirts to absorb your sweat or would you rather wear...

less clothes? If it is very warm weather, will you rather wear T-shirts and long pants to absorb your sweat or would you rather wear as less possible ...

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The last 3 weeks, ive been really light headed, i never usually sweat and im sweating no stop, i have the worst cramps ...

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Why do I leave a strange smell and mark when I stand up while wearing sport shorts or sweat pants?

I have had this problem for some time now, and it has made me refrain ...

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Why the water don't go inside our body from our skin?

we all know that we have pours in our body from which sweat comes out but why water don't pass from our skin ...

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I am 20 years old(lesbian girl) and really like hardcore sex but I really sweat a lot during sex?

and it is the point of dripping is it normal?? i mean my sweat drips on ...

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Yesterday I started getting nauseas, then got dizzy and couldnt c, followed by sweating and heat?

i was dripping sweat and burning up, i couldnt c 5 feet ahead of me, ...

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