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Why does my cat's tail constantly Wag. I mean like 24/7?

... Non-Stop. Doesn't seem to have any issues such as irritated or in pain Etc

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Am I the actual grandson of miles tails prower the fox?

Everyone thinks i have mental issues and go off saying he's mentally ill and should seek therapy,imo and bans me for premoting hate really by ...

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Huge goldfish with huge fancy tail?

So we won a bunch of goldfish at our kids school carnival 3-4 years ago. Well we still have 1 left. We had to move him from a 20 gallon tank, to a 75 ...

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Is the manga Fairy Tail appropriate for a 10 going into 11 year old?

I am a ten year old boy and I have read, and watched a bunch on Fairy Tail. My parents are wondering ...

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What does it mean when a boy calls you cute?

I was in gym and we had free time so i put my hair in pig tails just above my ears. Then my friend (a boy ) came by and said ...

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Where can I watch Fairy Tail from episode 165, dubbed in English..?

Fairy Tail is an anime series about wizards and mages. It's AWSOME..!!

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The name of a whale's tail?

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BRONIES ONLY. I'm looking for a new manestyle?

Ok, so I am a female Earth Pony with a pure white coat and bubblegum pink mane and tail. I am trying to find a new ...

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