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How do you take nail polish off a drinking glass?

I tried to do nail marble using one of my grandma's drinking glasses but it didn't work for me. I ended up having to take off the nail ...

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Need help no take off power TaoTao moped 2014?

I have a 2014 TaoTao moped GY6. I bought it brand-new just a few days ago. And noticed that when I would ride it that I have no take off power but my ...

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Is it normal for my eyes to be red after I take off my contacts?

I wore my contacts from about 7 in the morning until about 10:40 at night (I know, pretty long). After I ...

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What is that movie where this guy is trying to get to his wedding but alot of obstacles get in his?

... way. The plane i think gets his by birds and it cant take off, he ...

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What is the best thing to use to take off my waterproof mascara?

I started wearing makeup recently and I always have a hard time taking off my waterproof mascara. I use ...

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Scared for a physical exam cause of bad experience, 13 year old girl?

I heard my parents talking, and they say I have to get a complete physical exam. And I'm gonna ...

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