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What is this virus I have?

So I’ve been sick all week and my Mom has been making me go to work every day, but I’m wearing a mask at all times and taking it off when ...

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How do I get my 3rd cousin to have sex with me?

we have know each other since we were like 4 but im starting to like her were both 15 now we are cool with each other but ...

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How much weight would I lose if I stopped eating for a week. Plus I'm taking diet pills?

I dont care if its not healthy or not. I have to lose the weight...

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Friend gets mad at me for no reason?

My friend gets mad at me for no reason. One day i go to school and she just ignores me. She also tries to make me jealous by taking ...

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Has Snapchat logged anyone else out after their phone died. It died while I was on the app?

I was taking a picture on the app, and my phone died during the process, when ...

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How to not be mentally fatigued?

I am 18 years old. I have been taking meds for about four years now. I started off with vyvance and stayed on it for about 3 years. It ...

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