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Why would a nurse/ doctor tell a patient they're going to remove my tattoo without consulting me...

...or anyone else first? I still have it. I had to tell them no but I am confused as to why they asked in the first place?

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I had a bad tattoo done 2 days ago on Sunday. The studio want me to get a cover up done on it today?

It is only just scanning but apparently that’s not a problem

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Can my tattoo be fixed?

I just got my 3rd tattoo on 3/31/18. The shop I went to had completed my previous tattoo and I loved it. This time around though, it was a fairly new ...

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Hi I'm just wondering if you could visit other countries if you have a tattoo. Im from d philippines

i have always wanted to have a tattoo. my friends told me i would ...

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Translation of "for those I love I will sacrifice" in latin? (Tattoo)?

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo soon, and I am really interested in that phase. I want to ...

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If you have a tattoo, does it mean that you're a bad person?

One of my best friends got a tattoo. I know him since we were little children and he was always very very ...

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I'm a girl about to get my tattoo removed by laser, its on my upper arm. PLEASE READ?

i'm VERY scared. i love this tattoo but i wish i would have gotten it somewhere ...

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