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Does scripture say at what age is a child grown?

The world say a person is grown at age 18, but no that is a teenager.

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I need some help.. What would you do? My mom was molested by my grandpa when she was a teenager...

...and never told anyone until I was a teenager. However she let me and my sister go over there when we were young and we got molested by him. She ...

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Girlfriends 18th birthday present, what gift for this?

My girlfriend is turning 18 soon and i know it means a lot to her. She tells me not to buy her anything but im ...

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How to earn money if your only a teenager?

Im currently 14 and im turning 15 but my parents don't let me somehow get a small job or earn money by doing chores. ...

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Can I believe in 2 different religions?

My family believe in Buddhism, and my teachers, friends believe in Christianity. Everyone keep tell me that if I can not decide to ...

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Which of these should a teenager consume every day?

A. Five teaspoons of vegetable oil B. Five tablespoons of vegetable oil C. A folic acid supplement D. The RDA for ...

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How to make my tooth grow in faster?

Hello, I am a teenager and about a year ago I noticed a bump above my incisor tooth and later I realized that it was an adult tooth ...

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