My girlfriend is turning 18 soon and i know it means a lot to her. She tells me not to buy her anything but im still going to.

Im going to write her a letter telling her how much i like her and how happy she makes me and i will always be there for her.

So Ive bought her some earrings i want to give her.. Bu im really nervous that she dont find them her taste and im thinking it doesnt seem personal.

I want to buy or make something she can have in her room that she sees every day. Let it remind her that i love he no matter what and im here for her always. But i do not know what.. I was thinking of something she can put on her mirror and look at. Something nice. It can be simple too. I was thinking of some kind of magnet but it ounds a bit... Yeah..

Any ideas? Should i also give her both earrings and the other gift?