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My wife has made a list of everything that is wrong with me. Please read list. Tell me what to do?

Angry or rude outbursts Verbal threats Swearing Pushing or throwing objects Bullying Threat/infliction of physical force to self Shaming, humiliation ...

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I have every GQ magazine since August 2014. Can I sell them anywhere?

I have collected every issue for the last 3 1/2 Years. Instead of throwing them out is there a way I can make money from them?

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How would someone in the 1600 century react if a Wal-Mart flew down from the sky?

I have been throwing around the idea what would happen if on earth in the 1600 century something similar happened like in the Wizard of Oz but ...

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My little brother keeps throwing up. What can I do to stop it?

Okay so yesterday my little brother was throwing up a lot and I couldn't do anything about it. He was ...

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Can Coke Help A Stomach Ache?

I have a terrible flu/stomach ache thingy and I REALLY want coke, but I'm afraid It'll hurt my stomach even more. I have also ...

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I did it with my cousin.. Im only 14 and he is 42.... can I be pregnant...?

okkkkkk, so I kindaaaaa had S-E-X-! with my cousin and my TOM(Time of the month) is late.... ...

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When can you tell you need to throw up?

Okay so i felt like throwing up and i couldn't do it...any tips??? When do you feel like you need to throw up???

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