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How do I stop it?

I have a sharp tooth that keeps cutting my tongue, how do I stop it?

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Is it possible to touch the tip of your nose with your tongue?

Need to settle a bet haha

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I am gluing up an 8 sided wood box with tongue and groove joints. After the glue sets, I glue on a?

... top[ that I have scribed to fit closely. After glue sets, I sand off sides smooth and then cut two inches off top to make a lid and put latch ...

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What ways could a dragon speak instead of a mental connection or common tongue?

I am writing a fictional book with dragons in it. I don't really want the dragons to ...

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I want to know about tobacco use and sex - specifically is it dangerous for a non smoker (woman) to?

... have sex regualrly with a smoker - given that nicotine and tar ...

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