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Is UPVC a good material for sound insulation in homes?

UPVC, renowned for its durability and insulation properties, is effective at reducing noise transmission. This makes it a popular material for sound ...

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How many type of air transmission?

Before choosing an air compressor, it is essential to ask yourself a few questions about the type of use you intend to make of it and, in particular, ...

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How do I find out what makes the high pitched sound on trucks when the truck speeds up?

ok, so my cousin has a manual transmission truck that when he speeds up and/or ...

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2015 Van - Transmission problems?

We recently purchased a 2015 van from a dealer in Ottawa. Drove it off and lot and onto the highway and as I was gearing up it gave a ...

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Blew my transmission wanting to know If a 3 on the tree will fit and hold behind my engine?

My transmission just blew in my 67 chevelle Malibu (4 door if you were ...

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Why does my 2010 Ford fusion slightly jerk when I let off gas?

It also does it a little when I'm just driving a constant speed. I know it's not a transmission ...

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What is transmission speed?

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