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When do I inform a potential new employer of previous commitments? At interview or when job offer?

I'm currently going into an interview this Wednesday with the USPS for a Custodial Laborer job, the days I work are Monday and Tuesday, Thursday ...

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Help Me plz ! I made out with my best guy friend!! I don't know what to do?

Hello, i need help and i heard that you are the best about advices.. so i hope you'll ...

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HELP !!!!????????

Okay guys so basically this Tuesday I smoked some marijuana with a friend and well I don't really smoke the last time I did was like last year ...

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Period was late and has only lasted 3 days?

There was a chance I could of been pregnant , my period was due on the tuesday and it didn't come until Wednesday night. ...

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Rap song possibly ft T.I?

I heard this song on the radio the other night 9.35 at 10:19 tuesday and forgot to look it up. All i wrote down was what i heard in the course ...

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Boyfriend problems!!!?

I need some help please :( on Tuesday my partner dumped me.... I begged and pleaded with him but he was having none of it.... He was saying things ...

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