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How long has Family Guy been around for?

The TV show Family Guy. How long has it been around for?

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Does Flosports TV have local channels?

No, Flosports TV does not typically offer local channels like traditional cable or over-the-air television providers. Flosports TV is primarily ...

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A long time friend rubbed my thigh?

i was at her house watching TV and looked an me and started rubbing my thigh and looked at me while she did it im in love with here ...

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Can you lose your virginity while riding a bike? (as a girl of course)?

I've seen this in a TV show and now I feel awkward riding my bicycle. I just want to know if ...

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World will end in 2012 ?

oh wow :( i just talk with some big kids from ma shcool and they talking bout news on the tv says that world is gonna end in 2012 !!! wow crazy ...

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Is there anything technology can't do?

if a computer can tap your brain and let people see what a cat is looking at with a TV would it be possible to record what the sees ...

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Were any animals harmed in the making of Vikings?

There are many scenes of slaughtered animals in the TV show Vikings. Many scenes of sacrificing animals. I'm ...

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