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How to find best scrubs for nurses?

Scrubs used to be utilitarian at best, ugly and shapeless at worst. Today, scrubs come in a variety of styles and designs, meaning anyone can find a ...

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Why do people think Clint Howard is ugly?

He looks the same as when he was a kid to me? What made him start to look unappealing people?

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Google - My surround sound doesn't work with any streamed content because the sound only goes to the

... TV speakers and the optical output just makes an ugly sound. The surround sound only works with the TV programing. Does anybody knows of a ...

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School - why do people call me ugly, Im pritty?

all the boys in my school say im ugly but when i look in the mirror all i see is pritty and all my family and friends ...

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I hate my life?

My mum died on the 20 of november this year and since then I have hated my life. My dad calles me ugly and rude names and so does my brother. And im ...

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Would you...?

Would you be friends with a nerdy, shy, religious, ugly, depressed girl? Answer honestly. Would you see past the things this person is often judged for?

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How do I solve this bullying problem?

I'm a 17 years old girl and I'm ugly n overweight. Have been all my life I've been picked on because of it. When I ...

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