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Is Messi ugly?

How can I know what would’ve happened if I didint switch schools

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Am I to ugly for YouTube??

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Black dots on my legs?

I have these black dots on my legs (some are small some are bigg) mostly on the back side of the leg. And it's really ugly and annoying as i ...

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School - why do people call me ugly, Im pritty?

all the boys in my school say im ugly but when i look in the mirror all i see is pritty and all my family and friends ...

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I hate my life?

My mum died on the 20 of november this year and since then I have hated my life. My dad calles me ugly and rude names and so does my brother. And im ...

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Would you...?

Would you be friends with a nerdy, shy, religious, ugly, depressed girl? Answer honestly. Would you see past the things this person is often judged for?

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How do I solve this bullying problem?

I'm a 17 years old girl and I'm ugly n overweight. Have been all my life I've been picked on because of it. When I ...

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