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How can I fix this friendship?

Lately I have been sort of ignoring my former friend. She makes me feel uncomfortable, and pressures me into things I don't want to do. I feel ...

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What exactly is an introvert?

I've read they're shy. I've read shyness has nothing to do with it. I've read they're uncomfortable in most social ...

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Medical advice (warning uncomfortable question please be serious)?

I am a guy who is pretty healthy and havent had any reason to have these problems. I dont expereince pain when i use the restroom but lately when i ...

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Parents having sex?

My parents are having sex, and i feel uncomfortable, im only an tween and heard them saying ready for tongight, then they kiked me out of their room. ...

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my boobs are small an i am 12 all the other girls in my class have big boobs and i feel uncomfortable around them !!! what do i do ?

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I'm having a sudden uncomfortable feeling in my ring finger I have been gaming recently any idea?

I think the pain may be coming from how I grip my mouse but I'm ...

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I have a sore on my vagina and it hurts really bad?

it has a bit of an uncomfortable itch.. when I squeeze it blood comes out and white chunks.

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Friend ended our friendship. What do I do, I'm lost without her?

My friend (girl) felt the need to end our friendship after I said a few things to her that made her feel ...

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