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How do you defeat the One-Above-All?

The-One-Above-All as in the God of the Marvel universe. By 'defeated' I mean rendering him unable to take further action of any sort ...

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Colonized space - is it possible to overpopulate a infinite or finite universe?

Can finite and infinite space be overpopulated?

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How can they determine how old objects in space by how far away they are from earth?

That would mean they are using earth as the center of the universe and or the center of the big bang?common sense tells me you have to measure from ...

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What is the "dubstep" song from the cartoon network show Steven Universe?

there's a Dubstep song from Steven universe the t.v. show that airs on cartoon network the ...

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Undertale AU Name?

Hey. So if anyone’s heard of the game Undertale then you know of all the alternate universes (au’s) that are being created. I am working on ...

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Can someone help me translate my english into arabic? Im really desperate and would appreciate it?

In finding yourself you have found God In reaching to your own center ...

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What would your Parallel Universes you be??

For those who don't know what this is, it is the idea of having multiple earths, in a long sting, running at the same ...

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Are we alone in the universe?

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