For those who don't know what this is, it is the idea of having multiple earths, in a long sting, running at the same time and having the same space, just that the world above and below you, there are different you's, same age, height build, race, but a different paths of life, or environment, or a choice in your life your would have done differently with a loved one.
Ok, so name one or five parallel universe you??
Me i would either have been:

(1) a maths teacher
(2) an under water architect because the world in living in the sea
(3) A sailor still fight the pacific war, because world war 2 never ended in the pacific.
(4) A medical emergency tech fighting against zombie hordes, trying the save lives
(5) A English lord, because england victorian times still exists. because in that reality they have already discovered a new form of renewable energy, and don't need to change the style and culture.