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An object is projected up with velocity 'u',then find?

1:velocity time graph 2:displacement time graph 3:speed time graph 4:distance time graph

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A wheel of moment of inertia 2kgm rotate about it center with an angular velocity of 2rad/sec.?

... Calculate the angular velocity if a torque of 2newton act on the wheel for 5sec

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How do you answer this physics question? Two cars are traveling along the same straight road. At ti?

Two cars are traveling along the same straight road. At time zero ...

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Hi I have one question relevant in physics can you answer me as soon as posible?

An object's position is given by x=bt3, where x is in meters, t is in seconds, and b ...

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Simple T/F question about Physics?

*A cart slides down an inclined plane starting with velocity=0 at the highest point. At this point the kinetic energy is maximum. *The ...

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(15) A toy airplane’s engine propels it southward with a speed of 2.3 m/s. A northward head wind?

... of 0.6 m/s hits the toy plane during its flight. What is the ...

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