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I have two email accounts I am unable to get in to one account. I have not been able to get?

... recovery codes sent via recovery email and also the phone number which I have given is in theUK, now I am in India. I have been in Kabul for ...

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Selling - Can a tour operator legally scalp theatre tickets in Penna?

I'm a tour operator in Penna. I arrange bus tour packages and bus transportation for groups. I'm considering re selling Broadway theater ...

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Wifi booster for PS4 via sky?

Running PS4 on Sky wifi box. Movies buffer. Router is on ground floor and one room across. Which is best booster or something else?

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What ways could a dragon speak instead of a mental connection or common tongue?

I am writing a fictional book with dragons in it. I don't really want the dragons to ...

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3 most important points to be clarified when a query is raised via IT help-desk ?

does anybody know the answer "3 most important points to be clarified when a query ...

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Can I get HIV via smoking a cigarette from a stranger?

A few days ago, some stranger handed me a cigarette, I didn't think that much so I smoked it immediately. It ...

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I ordered a phone case 2 nights ago. The tracking number isn't working?

It's from USPS but when I go look at the tracking number it says it isn't available via ...

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I want to pactice my Enlish via skype?

Hi. I am from Ukraine and want to pactice my Enlish via skype(arthur12345543). Add me if u want help me. Thanks.

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