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Why does a celebrity tweet others except me anymore?

I have once tweeted a video game creator (specifically named Tim Schafer) and he would respond to most of my tweets or at least react to them. Then ...

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Video Game - Where can I find a place to trade a Xbox 360 guitar for a PS3 guitar?

I switched over to PS3 and I am a huge fan of the guitar hero games. I have a Xbox 360 guitar already, but I want a PS3 one, and knowing how rare the ...

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Are push-ups a bad punishment idea for a 14year old boy?

I have custody over my little brother. He is lazy. I hear thats how most boys his age are. Video games,eat and ...

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Help choosing an online username?

I would like to begin a channel on YouTube, but.... I don't like my current username that I use for everything. My name is Nicholas ...

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In Far Cry 4, what would Pagan Min's hairstyle called? What would you tell a stylist if getting cut?

What would Pagan Min's hairstyle (Far Cry 4) be called exactly? ...

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I'm addicted to video games and it's really affecting my social life please help!?

My friends used to call for me all the time and I just made up some lame excuse so I ...

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