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Why is the sound quality on my videos so bad when uploaded?

Instagram - A lot of people download videos and re-upload them with the sound quality lowering only a little.. But when I do it, the sound is awful ...

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Looking for a mhgen youtuber who is very detailed?

i have been watching a youtuber chuggaaconroy who is very detailed in his videos about the games he plays. i'm wondering if theres a youtuber ...

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Can I buy royalty free music from popular artists to use on videos?

I edit videos and the clients usually request popular songs. Is it possible to buy the license?

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What is the name of the song of snoop dogg played after thug life compilation video?

If you watch some thug life video there is a song in that lyrics it says snoop dogg

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Can playing to many video games make you blind?

My brother says video games make people smart but what ive hard if you play way to many you can become blind.Can you tell ...

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What is your opinion of this username?

I have this username and it is miphzihau. I was wondering if this was a good name to choose. I chose it because it was my name on ...

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Is it possible to spawn herobrine in the xbox 360 edition of minecraft? I have seen videos of it?

is herobrine actually in the minecraft xbox 360? how do you find ...

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