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How do I retrieve my money back 122.95 from a work at home program that states 100% $ back and?

Risk free i never opened program AT ALL! Company says has obligation with visa and can only return half monies to my bank acct. ONLY! Account is now ...

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Google - I am going to the US consulate in Ciudad Juarez to get my visa. I planned on flying from?

... there to Veracruz while I wait for my visa packet. They will hold my passport so I will not have it for the flight. I have a US drivers license ...

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Adopting a little girl from china. need name for her visa, can't decide. Bella? Giselle? Everly?

Ok, now we are down to two. JULIET? or BELLA?

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Bransnet Oil and gas construction PLC is fraud?

I have received a mail offering me job in Bransnet Oil and gas construction PLC, now they are asking me to pay 850 BPS ...

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I'm an Australian with a UK passport pregnant to my Latvian partner. Where is best to have the baby?

I was born in Australia and have dual citizenship due to my mother ...

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Do I need a visa to travel within the U.S.?

I'm Argentine and I came to the US with a visa but it expired. My Argentine passport is still valid, I was just ...

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