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I am US citizen, does my son have to be a US citizen?Do I have to file I 864w? Can I just file I864?

I am a US citizen, and I tried to apply green card for my son and my wife. However the national visa center reject the I864 form in my son's ...

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What are some key strategies for navigating visa processes when preparing to study abroad?

For a successful study abroad endeavor, understanding and managing the visa process is paramount.

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Can I Buy A Phone From With A Visa Gift Card?

If I buy a prepaid Visa gift card, can I use it online to buy a phone and plan from

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How to get employment visa for Sigapore?

A agent is in India they are given a offer letter from company ,but visa is for tourist .i have ask him for this they say me no ...

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Adopting a little girl from china. need name for her visa, can't decide. Bella? Giselle? Everly?

Ok, now we are down to two. JULIET? or BELLA?

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I'm an Australian with a UK passport pregnant to my Latvian partner. Where is best to have the baby?

I was born in Australia and have dual citizenship due to my mother ...

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Bransnet Oil and gas construction PLC is fraud?

I have received a mail offering me job in Bransnet Oil and gas construction PLC, now they are asking me to pay 850 BPS ...

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