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Flashes at the edge of vision?

Sometimes I cry or cough so hard I see white vein or lightning shaped flashes at the edge of my vision. (Especially if I'm in the dark) Why is ...

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Q2: Share the vision and mission statement of a firm (with which you are familiar). How is that?

... vision and mission statement communicated to employees and the public? What is the role of the vision and mission statement in driving the ...

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This company Vision Trading Post is the future of online sales?

Is this company for real ? And are they soo good ? It seems that are protecting the buyer and sellers as ...

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What vision do you need to get glasses?

I am 14 and I went to the doctor i have 20-70 vision does that mean i need glasses? What vision do you need to get glasses?

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Why am I seeing my own death is it a sign?

I'm joing the us army as an infantryman is it possible my visions of my future are true. I keep having visions where I see ...

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What drug causes your vision to stuff up?

My friend took an unknown drug and now her vision shows everything moving and changing colour... anybody know why this is ...

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Can you read in the dark with night vision goggles? With or without IR illuminator?

I have searched and searched for evidence of someone reading a book or a map or ...

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