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I'm auditioning for the role of Dorothy from the wizard of Oz?

Do you think it would be a good idea to audition with the song can't help falling in love by Elvis Preseley. I'm scared because my voice ...

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Would you watch a youtuber if they had a bad voice but were entertaining?

I'm looking to start a youtube channel but people have made fun of my voice before and I don't want that to be a reason that nobody ...

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Why are some child singers sing behind a curtain in the voice kids around the world?

They do it in their blind auditions.

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I eat rice. (change into active voice)?

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What is a good song for an alto to sing at a talent show?

I don't know much musical terminology, so the fact that I'm an alto is about as detailed as I can get. ...

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Is my poem good?

Slam poetry Introvert after Kelvin yang Corny The voices in my head tell me to speak to you. Yet, I am still silent. See, I am an introvert. Long ...

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