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Pyramid Volume Maths?

A square based pyramid has base sides of 230m and height of 147m. Using the same amount of material what would the height be if the base sides were ...

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Which trap artist is it? The beginning is turn up the volume watch the bass get 'em open?

Anyone know who this artist is? The beginning of the song (and throughout the ...

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A sample of oxygen gas has a volume of 545 mL at 35 °C. The gas is heated to 151 °C at constant?

... pressure in a container that can contract or expand. What is ...

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What comic book series or graphic novels would you recommend?

if you give any suggestions, it would be nice if you said volumes rather than smaller comic books :) thanks!

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Math Geometry?

a rock is sunk in a rectangular fish tank that is 50 cm by 30 cm. If the rock raises the water level 3 cm, what is the volume of the rock?

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How do you write the pseudo code for a program that gets the radius and height of a cylinder from?

... the user, and then calculates the volume of the cylinder by using ...

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