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Can you turn on an iphone 6s without battery connector bracket? I'm waiting on replacement screws?

Can you turn on an iphone 6s without battery connector bracket? Is it safe to di!? I'm waiting on replacement screws to come in the mail but I ...

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Should I let go of my special someone? I think he barely cares anymore?

I met this person, we've been talking for quite a while. It's kind of tiring waiting for his response. And his response is like meaningless ...

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I'm 17 and recently started a new job. While waiting for my dad to pick me up after closing, the?

... boss asked me "how old is your dad? Does he get mad when you stay long to close? Does he spank you? Ohh your too old for spankings?" ...

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What does 'USUSORDF Arival at Sorting Center' mean on EMS shipping? What is USUSORDF?

I ordered something on november first from china and waiting for it to get here to ...

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Why is being a virgin so bad?

America's general mentality is that if you plan on waiting until marriage you're some sort of prude or a loser that ...

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Why can`t a nice guy like me have a girlfriend?

I am a single 27 from aruba. I never had a girlfriend in my life. I`m always looking and waiting for one. And now i feel ...

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Love, but waiting through college???

I have been in love with the same girl since I was a freshman in high school. I am now graduated from high school and going to ...

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"MY SEXY ASS IS WAITING FOR NEXT TOP MISSION". From which song are those lyrics?

They may be a lil different, but....

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